Last Year’s Top 3

RankingNameLengthWeightDate CaughtNote
1LUISE ARAUJO38.5″23 lb.May 15 
2NIINA TAKAHASHI37″17 lb.May 14 
3MEGUMI WATANABE36.75″16.6 lb.May 15

2015 Tournament is Here!

We are happy to announce the True Parents’ 55th Holy Wedding Anniversary Fishing Tournament. The tournament will be held for eight days on the Hudson River and adjacent bays in the NY and NJ area. We welcome individuals and families, as well as church groups and clubs.

When and Where

Period: May 8 Morning – May 15 Midnight (8 days)

Area: From Half Moon Bay to New York lower bay including Raritan Bay


Entry Fee

$40 per person, including children.

Participants can fish as often as they want during the tournament period with the one-time fee.



FIRST PRIZE: $3000 and trophy

SECOND PRIZE: $1000 and trophy

THIRD PRIZE: fishing rod, reel and trophy

FOURTH PRIZE: fishing rod, reel and trophy

FIFTH PRIZE: fishing rod, reel and trophy


Boat Captains

Captain Kensaku Takahashi (The Ocean Church)
Captain Terry McMahon
Captain Akira Hayashi
Captain Steve Kearny
Captain Benny Axelsson
Captain Ken Borneman
Captain Minoru Kageyama
Captain Branch Gaader
Captain Susan Bouachri


Boat Reservations

If you wish to go fishing aboard an Ocean Church boat, please pay for your boat reservation on the RESERVATION page. This boating fee is in addition to the tournament entry fee.

Boating fees are as follows:

Adult$80 per person for one day fishing (6 hrs). Includes bait, rod, and tackle rental.

Children (12 and under)$60 per person (6 hrs).